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Moving Blocks

Moving Blocks

Everyone has heard of building blocks - defined as a basic unit from which something is built up. Our Moving Blocks classes are essentially focused on one of two goals - either building up a strong foundation or building up specific techniques. These classes are for our adults age group.

Base Blocks

Base Blocks are great for all levels and are focused on basic movements and/or positions to get the body prepared or to keep the body maintained for more complex Parkour movements.

Quadrupedal Block

An absolute staple to our discipline, quadrupedal movement (“QM” for short) is an extremely useful type of movement that can be performed anywhere with flat ground. Countless variations use the entire body with a plenitude of potential benefits including increased strength of muscles and connective tissues, proprioception and coordination, balance, muscular endurance, and even mobility.

Balance Block

Development of balance to promote safety in movement, pacing oneself, meditation through balance, strengthening the smaller stabilizer muscles, and giving an extra layer of overall control and opportunities for creative challenges in your movement.

Squat Block

Development of comfortability in one of the most natural human positions that has been under-utilized due to a sedentary lifestyle and the introduction of the chair. We’re talking about the squat! Training will include mobility and flexibility work for the hips, legs, and ankles, and will simultaneously offer some collateral benefits such as strength and stability.

Hanging Block

Training to improve upper body strength (mainly grip strength, back/pulling strength, and shoulder strength), fix rounded shoulders, and further the range of motion in your shoulders.

Bridge Block

The bridge is an important position to identify many opportunities for improvement in mobility; the shoulders, thoracic spine, and hip flexors are all important targets in this block. Those who have spent (or still spend) a large amount of time sitting will likely need this block.

Core Block

The core should be used in literally every movement we make as human beings. Alas, our modern lifestyles lacking in movement have trained our bodies to rely on lazy positions and bad movement patterns. The Core Block helps you reinforce this crucial section of your body.

Mobility Block

Working on strength through a full range of motion is crucial for applying movements to varying situations. This block will help you strengthen joints, connective tissues, and stabilizing muscles to help prevent injuries and give your body new opportunities for movement.

Endurance Block

Building endurance in your training is something that often goes overlooked in this discipline, but was a big part of the founders’ training. Working on our strength and power should create carryover benefits to our endurance, but it is important to also work and test your endurance from time to time.

Tech Blocks

Tech Blocks are geared toward those who have at least some foundation in the discipline. These classes will train and develop a single movement or concept, covering finer points of the element and breaking things down to make sense of the mechanics and find opportunities to improve or refine them. Class may also include strength and mobility work to better the movement or technique being focused on.

Arms / Diving Block

Includes movements that involve diving arms-first and/or use the arms as the primary drivers for the movement. These movements are largely upper-body focused.

Legs / Feet-First Blocks

Includes movements that primarily use the legs or in some way require the legs to be the larger focus to perform the movement.

Ascension Blocks

“What goes up…” Movements that will take you upward for ascending or overcoming taller structures.

Descent Blocks

“... must come down!” Movements focused on safely and efficiently getting off of and/or descending taller structures.

Lateral Blocks

Techniques used for lateral movement when approaching an obstacle(s) from the side of your body.

Inversion Blocks

Movements that require you to invert your body and understand your positioning while you’re inverted while remaining in contact with the ground or an obstacle.

Brachiation Blocks

Movements that utilize swinging motions to get around such as on scaffold bars, tree branches, or playground equipment. The shoulders and core play a large role in these types of movements.

Style / Acrobatic Blocks

Aesthetic and acrobatic movements that are not necessarily very useful for getting around but offer benefits like spatial awareness, “air sense”, and different coordination that may not be found in simpler or more practical movements.

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