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In November, we were there ourselves in Standing Rock. We had to see the truth. We spent a couple of days at Oceti Sakowin, the largest camp at the site. What we witnessed was 100% peaceful and positive. The water protectors (they don't want to be called "protesters" because there is a difference) pray all day and preach non-violent action against this corporate oil pipeline. There are signs in the camp that make it clear no weapons, alcohol, or drugs of any kind are allowed in the camps. They are very adamant about taking non-violent action and remaining peaceful, delivering daily training for those who are new to the camp and wish to take part in the frontline actions.

Over the past weeks, things have escalated to a point that many around the world have been appalled by. The militarized police, who are being pay-rolled by the CEO of Energy Transfer Partners (the company constructing the pipeline), Kelcy Warren, alongside corporate-hired "security" have taken illegal and immoral actions against the protectors. For over 5 hours, I sat and watched live feeds on Facebook from the ground and from drones in the air that showed horrific, inhumane measures being used by the police on November 20th and into the morning of November 21st. The water protectors were continuously sprayed with a water cannon in below-freezing temperatures (23-27 degrees), bombarded with tear gas canisters aimed directly into the crowd which also caused fires, and shot with rubber bullets that when cold are much harder than normal (people were shot in the head, in the face, in the ribs; there were also reports that the police were aiming for the groin and head purposely). Concussion grenades were tossed into the crowd and caused one of the worst injuries of the night: one grenade chucked at the crowd blew a 21-year-old woman's arm up (links to her story and a gofundme for her, please consider donating). Many mainstream media channels are giving the story from the police force which is trying to cover up the truth - look for the live feeds (here's one, here's another) which give the undeniable truth.

All for oil and corporate greed. The water protectors call themselves water protectors because they are trying to keep their water safe (and their sacred lands which were illegally taken from them). The pipeline was originally proposed to run north of the nearby town of Bismarck, but the Army Corps of Engineers would not approve this route, one reason being that their environmental assessment left concerns of contaminating the town's water supply. So what did they do? Moved the route closer to the Standing Rock reservation, and are even running the pipeline directly underneath Lake Oahe, which is the main water source for the natives there.

Everything about this pipeline is wrong. An international oil company is employing security and our own police to take militarized action against peaceful indigenous water protectors. The government has done nothing to support the natives and the thousands of non-native Americans that have visited the camps and taken part in the action. The world is watching now, people are finding the truth and this is still going on. They need even more voices on their side to finish this fight.

On December 4th, 2016, news went around that the Army Corps of Engineers has denied an easement, which would have allowed Energy Transfer Partners to complete the pipeline in the area they are currently attempting to complete it. This was good news, but, this is not a total win. ETP released their own statement to assure their investors that the pipeline wasn't rerouting and that they will be building it under Lake Oahe as planned. This massive corporation knows that they can afford the fines they would incur, and so they plan to keep pushing forward and ignore the voices of thousands of people around the USA and the world.

What We're Doing

Our Next Mission

We're looking to get back to Standing Rock in December, from the 17th until the 23rd (there is a possibility these dates will change, but we wouldn't be leaving any earlier than December 17th).

Get Involved

We are collecting donations again! You can drop off donations at any Parkour Ways class. We're also seeking like-minded individuals to join us in our journey this time. Please contact us through Facebook or email to start that conversation if you're interested.

Donate Through Us

You can donate cash that we'll take to the camp or you can send us money electronically. We are being honest and transparent about what is done with your funds. We plan to donate 100% of the money given to use to the Oceti Sakowin Camp unless you tell us otherwise. We will accept donations to help us afford to get there (we are looking to rent a large van this time to help us take more donations, and more people hopefully!). If you'd like to donate toward our trip to get there, any of the equipment we purchase for ourselves (with donated funds) to use during our stay at the camp will be donated to the camp when we leave.

Currently, we are in need of:

  • A zero-degree sleeping bag* (0°F survival rating)
  • Thermal clothing* (shirt/pants, size medium)
  • Warm blankets*
  • Rope
  • Survival/tactical knives
  • Heavy-duty waterproof tarps
  • Sleeping pads/mats* (for under the sleeping bags)

*If you buy these items to donate, we urge you to buy materials that do not use animals (look for synthetic down, polyester, cotton, etc.). Here's a list that tells you which materials are vegan (animal-free).

Our Amazon List

Let us know when you donate what you are donating for (straight for the camp or to help us afford our trip). You can send us money via:


Ways You Can Take Action


These numbers and tell them you are against the pipeline and what the police are doing to the water protectors (leave messages if necessary):

National Guard 701.333.2000
ND Governor's office 701.328.2200
Army Corp of Engineers 202.761.8700
Amnesty International 212.807.8400
Morton County Sheriff's Department 701.667.3330
The Situation Room 202.456.9431


Research your bank to find out if they are funding the pipeline (Chase, PNC, Wells Fargo, US Bank, HSBC, Bank of America, Citibank/Citigroup, SunTrust... and more on the list). If your bank is funding it, contact them and demand they pull their funding or you'll close your accounts. Join a local credit union and get out of your big bank! We should be considering this regardless of the pipeline! List of banks w/contact info.


Directly to the camps to help them continue to fight (money helps with supplies, medical care, legal fees, etc.).

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Oceti Sakowin Camp (Paypal)
Sacred Stone Camp

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Oceti Sakowin Supply List
Sacred Stone Supply List

HELP "Digital Smoke Signals Media"

They operate drones that capture important footage of what is going on. The police are shooting them down to cover it up. Shooting down a drone for any reason is actually illegal!

Digital Smoke Signals GoFundMe


Follow these pages on Facebook for updates and live feeds:

Oceti Sakowin Camp
Sacred Stone Camp
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Indigenous Rising Media
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Use #NoDAPL #StandWithStandingRock #WaterIsLife #MniWiconi


If you can go there and bring with you donations, we absolutely encourage it. They need people, they need support, they need gear to survive the winter. We are planning to go back later in December if the fight is still being fought. More updates on that and how you can help to come.

Thank you,
Parkour Ways