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Who We Are

Our mission is to improve your life through movement by providing you with an authentic experience of the disciplines of Parkour (also known as Freerunning) and Art du Déplacement.

We are the only organization in the Chicagoland area with connections to the Yamakasi (the founders of these disciplines) and the only organization in this area striving to keep the original values in the practice.

Learn more about our mission and our discipline here.

What We Do

Group Classes & Courses

Drop-ins and sessions for all ages, indoors and outdoors in various locations.

Private Training

Private lessons for individuals and groups, including birthday parties.
Work With Schools

We run workshops, electives, and even actual Parkour classes with schools around Chicagoland. You can also book our instructors to attend school trips and add some Parkour to your adventures.

Other Events & Services

We work stunts for TV and film and can put together performances. We've also worked with events like CityChase, The Great Urban Race, The Fit Company Challenge, and others to help run Parkour or fitness-related stations.


Real Functional Fitness

The human body was built for movement.

Stimulate The Mind

Through creative play, physical problem solving, fear management and risk assessment.

Develop The Spirit

Push yourself and your limits in your movement adventures to find your fighting spirit.

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